Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thought of the Week - 2/23/09

“If we want to produce people who share the values of a democratic culture, they must be taught those values and not be left to acquire them by chance.” -- Cal Thomas

You probably see it every day, but when was the last time that you actually read your organization’s mission statement and reflected on each word? When was the last time you read your organization’s vision statement or statement of shared values? How well do you know what your organization stands for? How committed are you to seeing the mission and vision carried out? How clear are you as to how your role in the organization affects the mission and vision?

Equally important, how well do those you lead understand how their individual roles and responsibilities affect the mission and vision of the organization? How well do those you lead contribute to other areas in the organization? What are you doing to enhance your team’s understanding of the organization’s mission, vision and shared values? What are you doing to ensure collaboration across departments?

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