Monday, October 6, 2008

Thought of the Week - 10/6/08

Hello Everyone ...

We apologize for length of time we have not been adding to this Blog ... but we are back.

Since we have been gone for a while, we thought it might be a good idea to repeat our original Thought of the Week ...

"Leaders are made, not born. You learn to become a leader by doing what other excellent leaders have done before you. You become proficient in your job or skill, and then you become proficient at understanding the motivations and behaviors of other people." - Brian Tracy

There is an old saying that suggests "when a mind opens, a teacher will appear." It is our hope and desire that this Blog can serve as a "teacher", a resource to all who wish to become better leaders - including ourselves.

While we have the luxury of spending our days studying and thinking about leadership, we are well aware that most leaders need to spend the majority of their time focusing on that which they are responsible for leading. Our goal is to share with you the best thinking in the field in a condensed and easily accessible format.

Please share with us your thoughts, comments and questions about leadership (or any other related topic) so that we can share with you what the "experts" are saying about he subject.

Enjoy the site and we look forward to hearing from you. -Rick & Jim-

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