Monday, December 8, 2008

Thought of the Week - 12/08/08

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.” -- Chin-Ning Chu

As a servant leader, you probably already have an idea of what your strengths are, as well as growth areas. For some leaders, creative visioning may be a stretch and, therefore, they chose to stick to the duties at hand. Other leaders would rather dream, than get bogged down with the mundane. Effective servant leadership requires a good balance of both. You may wonder how you alter your normal tendencies. This takes concentration. For instance, for those who feel they can not develop creative ideas, take time to dream and conceptualize how it could be brought to inception. Stimulate your brain by exploring unfamiliar territory and remember to bring about awareness in others by sharing your new knowledge.

How well do you know yourself? Are you willing to look at yourself honestly?

Do you have the desire to improve? Are you willing to find opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone?

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